Customer Reviews of Automotive Resources in Santa Fe

Customer Reviews of Automotive Resources in Santa FeWhen it comes to selecting an auto shop to work on your car or truck it is important to do your homework. There are plenty of shops in any given community that will gladly take your money, but in exchange for what? To ensure that you get treated with respect and your car is actually fixed it's smart to check out real customer reviews of any shop you're considering. If you're looking for auto repair in Santa Fe the Automotive Resources team is happy to share a few recent comments from some of their customers. It's our mission to build a trustworthy relationship with everyone who comes in our doors, and we think that's reflected in these reviews of our state of the art shop.

Wow. This shop left a very positive impression. They took time to explain and demonstrate things. I felt very comfortable asking questions. Given my circumstances, they were flexible and even generous. I appreciated your help tremendously! - Renzo A.

I love this place. Tom strives to provide quality service at a reasonable price. They are concerned about your safety and they get you in immediately when you are in a bind. Thanks for keeping me on the roads safely. - Annette H.

I broke down and was towed in. They fixed me up within 1 1/2 hours. They were very nice. I also forgot my laptop, and it was there waiting for me, safe, when I drove back through town the following Monday. - Samantha G.

This is THE place to go! The mechanics are great and the business is trustworthy. AAA recommended. - Deborah G.

An excellent, professional service. I am indebted to Tom and Anthony for their help with jump starting my car and recharge the battery when I was struggling for help. I highly recommend them! - Simona T.

Any time I need help with my 23 year old car I take it to Tom Hitch at AR where it gets immediate attention while I get a ride back home from Tom or one of the friendly service people. This has happened quite a few times during the ten years that Tom has serviced the car. Along with getting fast service I get a thorough explanation of what work was done and advise about maintenance. The cost has never been as high as it would be at a brand dealer. My 1993 BMW 325i is in excellent condition and soon to become a classic. - Robert K.

These guys are skilled, knowledgeable and full of integrity. - Lisa R.

As you can see we take the time to truly care for our customers and their cars. If you're looking for auto repair in Santa Fe we hope you'll listen to your neighbors and give us a shot. To schedule auto repair or maintenance give us a call at (505) 995-9590 today!

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Customer Reviews of Automotive Resources in Santa Fe
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