How to Find Quality Auto Repair in Santa Fe

If you're in need of auto repair in Santa Fe you've likely turned to your favorite Internet search engine for help finding one. With numerous results to choose from how do you know who is going to provide you with the honest, affordable service that you deserve. There are a few key certifications and other elements that you should be sure the shop you ultimately choose to work on your car has in order to ensure you are getting quality service in all aspects. Make sure your auto shop has these qualifications.

ASE Certified Technicians

One of the most important things to make sure of is that the shop employs ASE certified technicians. ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence and is the industry standard group for training and certifying automotive mechanics.

AAA Approved Auto Repair

Another great qualification that the shop you choose should possess is a AAA approval. AAA offers their approval to shops that have proved they are able to provide top tier auto repair. Many of these shops also offer great discounts to AAA members!

NAPA AutoCare Center

Using a NAPA AutoCare center will ensure that the technicians utilize OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts of better while conducting repairs on your vehicle. This means you can rest assured that your car will be serviced using the highest quality parts available.

Warranty Available

The shop you select should always offer a warranty with their services. This means that they stand behind their work!

Local Shuttle Service

Having to take your vehicle to the auto shop is generally an inconvenient inexperience, as you are left without wheels. You should utilize a shop that offers a free local shuttle service, as they can take you home or to work or elsewhere in the community as they service your car or truck at the shop.

As you search for an excellent auto repair shop in Santa Fe be sure to do your research. If you do you will find yourself at Automotive Resources. We meet all of the above requirements, including offering a great warranty for parts and labor. Give our team of ASE certified auto repair technicians a call at (505) 995-9590 to schedule auto maintenance in Santa Fe at our state of the art shop.

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