Simple Auto Maintenance to Boost MPGs

Simple Auto Maintenance to Boost MPGsEven when gas prices drop, you still want to save every penny that you possibly can while filling up because fuel remains a significant expenditure. Whether you drive a hulking SUV or a little commuter, the costs can be burdensome. Fortunately there are certain measures you can take to help ensure that you're maximizing your miles per gallon. Here's a look at five great tips on how to improve your gas mileage.

Replace Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are what create the tiny explosions that are needed to get your pistons pumping away. Their sparks ignite a blend of air and fuel, but if they're gunked up then they're liable to misfire, which can end up wasting a significant amount of gas. The replacement of spark plugs is the kind of thing that is easily taken care of during a tune-up.

Proper Tire Inflation

Soft rubber needs more power to be able to roll forward. By consulting your owner's manual, you should be able to find your optimal air pressure rating. Under-inflated tires can reduce fuel-efficiency by some 25 percent.

New Air Filter

This is a simple task, but one that can be overlooked. If air is unable to reach your combustion chamber because of a clogged filter, it'll compensate by burning more fuel.

Correct Fuel Grade

While you might be tempted to save a few dollars on a lower fuel grade, if your vehicle requires mid-grade or above you'll want to be sure that you follow that guideline. Otherwise, you could become subject to worse gas mileage and possibly even engine trouble.

Tight Gas Cap

If you're driving around with a gas cap that is loose or ill-fitting, then it's possible that fuel will evaporate before you even get the chance to use it.

If you're in need of auto maintenance to improve your gas mileage, be sure to get in touch with a reputable mechanic. For auto maintenance in Santa Fe, NM, the experts to contact are at Automotive Resources at (505) 995-9590. Go ahead and give Automotive Resources a call today for all of your mechanical needs!

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