Taking Care of Tires

Healthy tires are an extremely important part of maintaining a safe ride. It is necessary to keep tabs on the your vehicle's tires' condition so your car continues to perform at peak performance. By keeping up with tire maintenance, such as rotations, you'll get the most miles out of the rubber on the road. However, there are a few key signs to look for that could indicate that it is indeed time for new tires.

Tread Wear

There is a relatively simple test you can complete to see whether or not you need new tires based on the amount of tread they have. It is important that the tires on your car has good tread to ensure proper traction and to help prevent the possibility of losing control. In order to check your tread take a penny and place it head down into the tread in several places. If you're able to see the top of President Lincoln's head on a consistent basis it means that you're due for new rubber. Get to the tire shop right away!

Tire Age

Another important factor when it comes to tires is their age. Regardless of how much you drive many tire manufacturers recommend changing your tires every 10 years, especially if the vehicle sits outside and is exposed to the elements. Be sure to check with your specific tire producer for their recommendations.

Tire Problems

If your tires are giving you consistent problems then it is probably time to get some new ones. Common tire problems include:

  • Constant air leak - If a tire keeps going flat you may be able to have it repaired, but depending on the cause of the damage it may be time for a new set.
  • Uneven tread wear - If tires are wearing unevenly you'll want to consider new ones, following an alignment to get everything back on track, of course.
  • Cracking sidewall - Be sure to regularly check your tire's condition. If you ever notice cracked or bubbling rubber on the sidewall you'll likely need a new set.

If your car is in need of tire maintenance Santa Fe you can trust the team at Automotive Resources. We offer bumper to bumper auto maintenance, including taking care of your tires and we will let you know if it's time for new ones. Give us a call at (505) 995-9590 to schedule expert auto maintenance in Santa Fe today.

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