Common Reasons Your Car Won't Start

Common Reasons Your Car Won't StartOne of the worst feelings regarding your vehicle is getting in, turning the key and having nothing occur under the hood. If your vehicle won't start it is likely due to one of the following issues. The starting system of your car or truck is composed of several parts that work together to get the engine fired up. If one or more of these parts is unable to do its job then your car won't be going anywhere. When you suffer from a no start problem be sure to connect with the local shop that can quickly identify and repair the cause.

Dead battery

The most common cause of no starting is it dead battery. The battery may die for a few reasons, including something as simple as leaving the lights on with the engine off for too long. If your car has a dead battery you can likely jump start it, but if it dies consistently it may be time for a new one.

Fuel delivery issue

There are several things that can cause a fuel delivery issue. The most common of these being a clogged fuel filter, bad or dirty fuel injector unit or a failed fuel pump. Head to the mechanic for proper fuel delivery issue diagnosis.

Failed starter motor

Another common issue that will prevent a car from starting as a failing starter motor. The starter is fed and electrical charge which causes it to actuate its pinion gear which engages with the flywheel in order to get the engine spinning. Common symptoms of starter trouble include a loud single click or series of clicks when you turn the key.

Malfunctioning alternator

The alternator is what powers many of the electrical components in your vehicle while you are driving. It is also tasked with recharging the battery. If this part fails it will be unable to do these tasks and the job will be left up to the battery, which will be quickly drained of its power. Signs of alternator failure include dim or flickering headlights or trouble with other electrical accessories in your car.

Bad ignition switch

When you turn the key it creates an electrical pathway that triggers the starting car starting process.. If the ignition switch is unable to achieve this you will receive no reaction from the motor when the key is turned or the button is pressed.

If you are in need of no start repair in Santa Fe head to Automotive Resources. There are plenty of reasons your car may not start, including more than what's above, but we have the ability to diagnose and fix them all at our full service auto repair shop. Give us a call at (505) 995-9590 to schedule superior auto repair in Santa Fe today.

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