Top 5 Auto Electric Problems

Top 5 Auto Electric ProblemsYou may think that your car runs strictly off gas, but really it requires a few other ingredients in order to properly operate, and we aren't talking about just hybrids. The engine, aside from gas, needs oxygen to help with combustion. Your car also uses electricity for numerous tasks, including starting the car, keeping it running and operating the onboard infotainment system. The electrical system in your vehicle is quite vast, which means there are numerous things that could cause issue as it tries to do its job. The following are some of the most common problems associated with automotive electrical systems.

Dead Battery

The battery is where the electricity is stored when the vehicle is off. Batteries do die over time, as most have a lifespan of 2 to 5 years. When they reach the end of their life they will need to be replaced, just like batteries in the TV remote. However, it is common for a battery to die due to leaving the headlights on, running electronics when the car is off or leaving a door ajar. In this situation a simple jump start will likely revive the battery. A dead battery will prevent you from being able to start your vehicle.

Failed Alternator

The alternator is what creates electricity while the car is running. The electricity created is used to power all necessary electrical functions of the car, with extra electricity being stored in the battery to start the car. Signs of a failing alternator include dim headlights or trouble operating power functions, such as power windows or seats.

Dying Starter

The starter motor is what gets the motor pumping when you turn the key. It is fed an electrical charge to do so, but if you turn the key and hear a loud click or a series of clicking sounds it is likely that the starter needs to be replaced.

Failed or Stuck Relay

Many automotive components that use electricity utilize a relay switch to prevent them from running at all times, even when they are not needed. Things such as the fuel pump, wipers, turn signals and other items all use this kind of switch. If the electrical relay were to become stuck in the on position it would cause the part to continue to pull electricity from the battery, even when the car is off, resulting in a dead battery. This could also cause damage to the part draining the power.

Blown Fuse

If you suddenly lose power to a complete system, such as your door locks, the lights won't turn on, the windows won't go up or down, etc, then you could have a blown fuse in your car. This is a very fast and inexpensive repair in most vehicles and happens when there is a short or an electrical overload in the system.

If you've noticed some sort of electrical issue in your vehicle it is important to let a professional auto repair technician handle the repair so you don't get shocked! For expert auto electric repair in Santa Fe visit Automotive Resources. Our highly skilled team of technicians will quickly diagnose and repair any issue your car may be suffering from. When you need superior auto repair in Santa Fe give us a call at (505) 995-9590 today.

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