Top Signs it is Time for Engine Repair

Top Signs it is Time for Engine RepairWith routine maintenance and minor tune up services, it is likely that the engine in your vehicle will last for hundreds of thousands of miles. Of course, it is important that you pay attention to any signs of trouble under the hood, so they can be addressed before they result in more extensive engine damage. If you notice any of these common signs of engine damage be sure to visit a professional auto repair shop for further diagnostics and repairs.

Metal Flakes in Oil

If you have the oil changed and the technician informs you of metal flakes inside the oil, it is apparent that there is insufficient lubrication occurring inside the motor. This can be caused by a liquid oil leak, or because oil is being burned up inside the engine, which we discuss more below.

Increased Exhaust Smoke

An increase in exhaust smoke can be a clear indicator of engine trouble. Depending on the color of the exhaust you can often tell what is wrong. Blue smoke is a sign of burning oil, white smoke means that coolant is being burned up and black smoke often indicates that too much gasoline is being burned.

Knocking Noise

The moving parts of the motor rely on engine bearings to support their motions. If the bearings were to fail due to a decrease in lubrication or general wear and tear, it could result in the engine seizing. If they begin to fail they will often produce a loud knocking noise the comes from under the hood.

Decrease in Performance

A drop in fuel economy, a rough idle, slow acceleration or other performance problems are sure signs that something is amiss under the hood. It's important to head to the mechanic soon to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light will come on if sensors in the vehicle detect some form of problem in the motor that may not be detectable by human senses. If this light comes on get to the shop for proper diagnostics and repairs. Most of the time the problem is relatively small and easy to fix.

At Automotive Resources we take engine health serious. If you notice any of the above problems, or another symptom of trouble, come see us for professional engine repair in Santa Fe. Our team of auto repair experts will get to the root of the trouble and have you on your way in no time. Call us at (505) 995-9590 to schedule quality auto repair in Santa Fe or the neighboring areas.

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