What are common signs of alternator trouble?

What are common signs of alternator trouble?Your alternator provides power to your battery. If it goes bad, then your battery's power reserve could run out. When you first notice a sign of alternator trouble, you'll want to promptly address the issue so that you don't find yourself stalled out and needing assistance. Here's a look at six symptoms of a failing alternator.

Dashboard Indication

If you see a dash light illuminate that reads ALT or GEN, then there's reason to be concerned about your alternator's health. In some cars, this light comes on in the shape of a little battery.

Dead Battery

Though it is of course normal for a battery to die at the end of its life expectancy, if you recently put in a new one and it has died, then alternator trouble could the culprit---unless you forgot to turn off your headlights!

Issues with Electrical Accessories

A failing alternator could cause issues with electrical accessories such as your power locks, power seats, power windows, and radio.

Dimming/Flickering Headlights

Your alternator juices up your headlights. If it fails, then poorly-lit streets could pose a serious safety concern, especially if you regularly drive on roads that are not lined with street lamps.

Faulty Belt

If you pop your hood and can see that a belt is too tight, too loose, or cracked, then you may have found the source of your alternator problem.

Burning Smell

While there are several automotive issues that can cause a burning odor, one possibility is alternator belt slippage.

Stalling Out

For your pistons to keep pumping reliably as you cruise down the road, you need your alternator to be in healthy condition. If your alternator fails, you could find yourself stalled out and in a difficult situation.

If you need auto repair, be sure to visit a reputable mechanic. For alternator replacement and electrical system repair in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and La Cienega, NM, contact the experts at Automotive Resources at (505) 995-9590. Feel free to give Automotive Resources a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: August 02, 2020

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