Top Answers to "Why won't my car start?"

It's one of those unexpected things that leaves a person with a sunken stomach and perhaps makes their heart skip a beat. When you turn the key in the ignition the car it is supposed to fire right up and be ready and willing to take you wherever you direct it. Unfortunately there are numerous things that may prevent your car or truck from starting as it is supposed to. Depending on the symptoms that you experience when you try to start the engine you can often determine which issue you're experiencing. Regardless, if your car refuses to start you'll want to reach out to a professional auto repair technician who can tackle the trouble and get you back on the road quickly. These are the most common problems that will cause a hard or no starting issue.

Bad starter motor

If your starter motor has failed you will likely hear a loud click or series of clicks when you turn the key. This is the sound of the motor actuating the pinion gear in an effort to connect with the flywheel, yet it is unable to spin it. The solenoid may have failed or there may simply not be enough electrical power flowing to the starter due to poor connections or a draining battery.

Fuel delivery issue

Your vehicle requires three things to properly run: air, spark and gas. If your car can't access any of one of these the vehicle won't start. A fuel delivery issue will usually be characterized elongated engine cranking without the vehicle firing. Issues that may be at hand include a failed fuel pump, clogged fuel filter or fuel injectors that are unable to deliver gas to the combustion chamber as required.

Failed alternator

If the alternator begins to fail you may notice strange electrical problems happening throughout your car or truck. You may notice dim or flickering headlights, trouble with the radio or slow operating power accessories. If the alternator fails the battery won't be able to be charged, which stores the power necessary to start your vehicle.

Dead battery

A battery that has died due to age or because it was drained thanks to a light left on or a stuck relay will leave you with a car that won't do anything when you turn the key. Depending on how much electrical juice is left in the battery you may or may not be able to use accessories.

If you car is giving you trouble starting get in touch with Automotive Resources for expert automotive diagnostics in Santa Fe. We service all makes and models at our AAA approved auto repair shop and there is no problem our ASE certified technicians can't figure out! Give us a call at (505) 995-9590 to schedule an appointment for superior maintenance or auto repair in Santa Fe.

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